Review of tea steepware

For this post I wanted to give a quick review of various tools used to brew tea.  Each have their own purposeful uses and are good for different occasions. Click on the photos to jump to the product page and of course leave a question of comment on the bottom of this page.


Disposable Filter

Pro: Convenient, unbleached, and perfect for a lazy day.

Con: The filter can be restrictive to creating a full bodied brew of tea.

Tea Clamp

Pro: Easy to clean, perfect for an individual cup of tea

Con: restrictive for large leaf teas

Tea pot with infuser

Pro: great for brewing multiple pots of tea

Con: The spout will need to be cleaned with a brush at least once a month

Gravity Infuser 

Pro: The best for allowing your leaves to fully brew, fun to watch, and easy to clean

Con: must be cleaned within hour to avoid stains.


French Press

Pro: reliable time tested option, the plunger helps to control the strength of your brew

Con: the filter can be a little difficult to clean with small leaf teas


Pro: great for catching loose leaves from a tea pot

Con: nothing!

Novelty Teaware - AVOID!!!

Pro: Looks cool

Con: Not practical, difficult to clean, can be restrictive in steeping.  I (Eli) personally avoid using this type of teaware because of the difficulty of use and therefore do not sell these items because it is something that I do not believe in. 



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