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Oolong teas undergo a medium amount of oxidation and are often made of larger mature tea leaves. The fun part about oolong tea is that you get some of the health benefits of a green tea and black tea combined! Oolong teas typically carry a higher price point but are great for multiple re-steeps.
  • Caffeine levels increase if you scoop heavy or steep longer!
  • Oolong can also be spelled at Wulong in English. 

    Average Energizing Power: White<Green<Oolong<Black<Coffee
    Average Oolong Tea Caffeine: 25-30 mg / cup 
    Average Coffee Caffeine:100-120 mg / cup


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    This oolong tea comes from the tropical high hills of Indonesia, where it undergoes an unusually high oxidation resulting in a robust dark leaf.  The extra oxidation yields a tea very high in polymerized polyphenols and EGCG, antioxidants, which have shown promising results in scientific studies about weight loss.    When brewed this tea...
      A very special Japanese style oolong high in the calming neurotransmitter GABA. Type: Oolong Flavor: Sharp Grade: Straight Leaf Caffeine: Medium Infusion #: 4-5 Brew Temp: 195°F Brew Time: 3-4 min Measure: 1.5 tsp per cup Ingredients: Oolong
    Milk Oolong was born in 1981! Cross pollination of two tea varietals, Hard Red Heart and Taiwan No.8, lead to the development of Milk Oolong also known as Jin Xeun in Taiwan.  The new hybrid of tea has a higher leaf oil content resulting in natural a silky satin aroma....
    Type: Oolong Flavor: Floral Grade: Blend Caffeine: Low Infusion #: 2-3 Brew Temp: 195°F Brew Time: 3-4 min Measure: 1.5 tsp per cup Ingredients: Oolong tea, rose, organic colorado lavender *in store pricing may vary
    Eli Tea is pleased to introduce the Tea Club. A 6-month tea-tasting experience curated for the the tea enthusiast. Each subscription includes 6 monthly packages of 3-4 oz. of tea, enough for 30-40 cups. Each month will focus on a different type of tea & a few surprises! For caffeine lovers, the...


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