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Tea has long been used in home remedies across the world.  The steeping of tea and herbs into hot water triggers the release of organic compounds like antioxidants and flavonoids, whereby depending on the tea can cause a reaction in the body.

Tea Apothecaries is a collection of tea based homeopathic blends and supplements. These blends are created using evidence-based medicine and peer-reviewed scientific studies. 

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$60.00 $80.00
 This humble detox blend is a popular morning brew high in caffeine with a soothing vegetal flavor and ginger kick. Matcha green tea (Camellia sinensis) is the dissolvable form of the shade grown gyokuro green tea, high in metabolism boosting green tea antioxidants and chlorophyll. Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) is a caffeinated...
Be your best, drink Eli Tea Rhodiola for Mental Clarity In our fast paced society sometimes we can feel a little lost in our own thoughts and need a boost to get back to our best.   Eli Tea Rhodiola for Mental Clarity is a great homeopathic tea blend to get...
$47.60 $138.00
This oolong tea comes from the tropical high hills of Indonesia, where it undergoes an unusually high oxidation resulting in a robust dark leaf.  The extra oxidation yields a tea very high in polymerized polyphenols and EGCG, antioxidants, which have shown promising results in scientific studies about weight loss.    When brewed this tea...


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