Lavender Field

I want to make tea happen, I want to elevate the American Tea industry by creating products that represent the earth people and culture of where it came from.  There are four concepts that I think about in the selection of my products. Let me start by talking about tea and the earth.  


There is a French term, goût de terroir, which literally means “taste of the earth” (or soil). This is the foundation of each tea. You taste the earth in tea. You might taste hints of volcanic Hawaiian soils, or maybe the refreshing isotonic cold of the Himalayas. Tea captures the essence of the earth.


Time is also intertwined with tea. Some tea leaves are picked in the morning, some in sunlight, and some are picked only two days out of the whole year. 


The final flavor is dependent on the skill and technique of the tea mountain gurus. White, green, oolong and black tea originate from the camellia sinensis plant. These teas, however, are differentiated by the level of treatment by the tea drying gurus in the micro-factories that dot the tea mountains. 


Finally to the consumer, why did you pick this tea? Who did you brew it for? These are the questions that, when answered, will define and seal your tea experience.

I have thought about these four concepts - earth, time, skill, and user - in the selection and creation of Eli Tea teas. It is embodied in the Eli Tea mantra of “Thoughtful Tea”. The total experience of brewing tea is transformative, for your choice of tea is an offering of your personality. You may have made this choice either consciously or subconsciously, but regardless, your tea selection serves as a display of your personality and your inner life philosophy - the qualities that people will identify with and connect with.

As you can see, the magnitude of the story of tea can be quite deep, and I'm sure I will expand my thoughts on this at a later date. I reflect on these concepts in the creation of Eli Tea teas, especially in prioritizing the use of domestic herbals. After reading this I hope you will think a little about the story behind tea the next time you brew tea, especially when you brew Eli Tea.

Brew tea, make friends,




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