Tea can take you anywhere. The Himalayas. The Hawaiian Islands. The Horn of Africa. And right back home. Every cup is a journey. Every sip, a step forward. And wherever you end up, it all starts in Detroit. What better place to celebrate the land, people and culture of tea than a city known for creativity and community? What better place from which to visit foreign lands than the land of opportunity, itself? Right now, it’s not just Detroit’s time. It’s Detroit's Tea Time. The only question is, where do you want to go? -Elias

Detroit's Tea Time


Elias Majid BotanistEli Tea Bar is a modern tea room on a mission to bring the journey of tea to Detroit!  My name is Eli and I started this company in the fall of 2013. I became interested in tea because it was a way for me to continue my research in plant biology while also engaging with the public. Community groups like Food Lab Detroit and The Wayne State Black Stone Business Launch Pad helped me transform from botanist to tea master. 

photo Credit Eater DetroitThe timing was perfect - Detroit was making a comeback fueled by a desire to redefine and reignite the city. We manifest this same spirt in every cup of tea we brew. Today, Eli Tea offers over 50 types of tea and herbal infusions in a modern and inviting atmosphere.

Photo Credit Eater Detroithere are no tea bags, rather, we brew each cup of tea from loose leaf to order. Eli Tea also sells loose tea in bulk, both online and in stores. All of our teas are free of artificial ingredients and flavors. Our specialty brews are made from scratch and sweetened with cane sugar or honey only. We can also make milk substitutions with any brew and are happy to create a custom blend just for you.

Tea Gardens and Suppliers
Eli Tea sources from both domestic and international tea gardens.   American tea gardens are only in their early stages, but we look forward toward working with and supporting these domestic gardens.  International tea gardens and suppliers are carefully selected.  When examining any supplier Eli Tea takes into consideration the social and environmental responsibility of our suppliers.

Organic? Family Farm?
I drink the same tea you drink and prioritize the use of organic, pesticide-free products whenever possible.  Worker rights of tea garden workers are also very important for me in the creation of holistic products.  We double check tea gardens country of origin certificates for worker welfare and growing conditions for our imported teas.

Product Safety & Quality?
Eli Tea Bar is a fully licensed and insured facility for food service and production. A ServSafe certified staff is always in the facility when processing of packaging.  

The tea's are sealed in an air tight, light tight, food grade, Mylar bag or tin.  Exposure to oxygen and light can resulted in unwanted oxidation. Eli Tea teas have a recommended shelf life of 1-2 years the exact date will be labeled on your product.


Some Eli Tea products contains nuts and are packaged in the same facility. Separate packaging equipment is used for products containing nuts however air born nut contamination may be possible (since they are packaged in the same facility).

Sustainability Initiatives

Recycled paper packaging

Although Eli Tea is a young company, staying planet friendly is always on our mind.  This includes everything from the sustainable banana paper used on the Eli Tea tins to packaging materials. 

Minimizing Eli Tea’s carbon footprint is an ongoing process and we hope to refine and reduce our carbon foot print as time goes on.

please contact Info@eliteabar.com for allergen concerns or other questions about our product quality. 


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