Call Eli Tea Bar at  248 825 8064, during store hours, to make a reservation or buy a gift certificate bellow. Tickets are $15 per person, minimum 2 people. Due to increased summer traffic, tea tastings will only be possible Monday - Thursday. Send questions and larger group inquires to info@eliteabar.com

White, green, oolong, black? All of these teas come from the same plant yet they all have a different flavors, antioxidants, and caffeine levels.  The goal of these series of tea tasting events will be for you to learn the core skills to taste and evaluate tea like a professional.  The majority of the teas tasted in the tasting series will come from the Eli Tea collection but since there is a world out there I will also include a few other notable teas beyond the Eli Tea collection to give you some food for thought.

The tea tasting will be held at the penny counter top for a small group of 2 or 4 people (tickets are priced for 2 people).  Currently we will offer two seating times on Friday Nights with a Sunday option in the near future. 

For special requests, larger group, or private tea tastings please contact info@eliteabar.com

The Classics (35~45 min)

We will do comparative taste testing of 8 teas for each of the topics bellow and discuss how this shapes the 

 How to The basic agenda for the event is as follows:

  • The tea plant and how the variety and region affect taste (Assam vs Darjeeling)
  • How to to taste for caffeine! (low vs high caffeine white teas)
  • Production and processing (pan-fried vs steamed green tea
  • Tasting for quality chemically grown tea vs organic tea, can you taste the difference?
  • The healthiest tea!
  • Getting the most out of your tea, how many cups of oolong can you re-brew?
  • Tea biscuits will also be provided

Specific categorical tea tasting topics (green only, black only, etc) tea tasting topics will be available in the future!




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